4 Tips for protecting your energy

Let me start off by saying, “Happy World Mental Health Day”. As I have come to terms with my own mental health and my personal journey of becoming a better person and an even better mother, I realized how much of my energy was being wrongfully distributed. There is a time and place for everything and everything that attempts to taint your energy is not always worth you energy. Tonight I want to share some of the tips and tricks I am using to better protect my energy.

1. Set healthy boundaries and limits – When you notice someone coming too closely into your emotional bubble, back-up and end or re-route the conversation. Learn how to say “No” in times when you would have normally said yes. Knowing your limits are important.

2. Daily Affirmation – I am a firm believer that the energy we put out in the world is the energy we will get back. Speaking good energy into existence is key. Your affirmations can come in the form of mini sticky notes you leave for yourself around the house, repeating positive phrases out loud, or a book of positive quotes. Often saying something out loud helps us retain it.

3. Clear & Clean your space – I have been researching the benefits of burning sage in the home and it’s cleansing properties. The thing is, you can burn all the save in the world but if the room is cluttered it will not do much. When negativity enters my bubble, decluttering and deep cleaning really puts me in a whole new mindset. I feel a sense of calm and peace when I am done and even light a few aromatherapy candles afterwards.

4. Meditation – I have taken a new found interest in meditating. Grounding yourself spiritually and mentally is important to protecting your energy. During this time, nothing from the outside should be able to enter your bubble or taint your energy. Utilize this time to visualize all the negativity bouncing off of you.

These are just a few of the things I have looked into and started to implement in my own life to find my inner peace. What tips or tricks do you personally use to protect your energy?



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