A Birthday letter to my young King

Dear Sunshine,

On this day around 5 years ago, mommy had no idea that would be making your grand entrance at 6:56 a.m. who knew that a massive headache would lead to your early entry into the world? Just like your early arrival, everything with you has been a whirlwind of surprises. Sometimes you amaze me with the things that you know and how quickly you can pick up on things. Your mind is extraordinary and never allow anyone to tell you differently. The only regret I have with you is that you were born into a world where you have already been judged, stereotyped, & categorized based on how you look. Your safety is more at risk than other kids your age and mommy has future worries that have not even hit yet. I want you to know that I promise to help you defy those odds. I promise to allow you to be yourself & not who society attempts to program you to be or predicts you to become. I promise to support your every decision in life and help you maneuver through any obstacle that comes in your direction. You have achieved so much in 5 years and your achievements are only just beginning. Sunshine, continue to shine bright in a world that will constantly attempt to block your light and diminish your reach. No societal label defines you and it never will. One thing rest assured, you have become mommies greatest teacher. My growth is a reflection of you. I’ve done a ton of things wrong but you make me always want to know how to do right. You have one of the kindest hearts I know and you are an awesome big brother. Like you always tell me, “ I will always be your best friend”.  You can never feel alone as long as you have me. You are the reason mommy got back in school and started to hustle as hard as I do. Seeing you smile motivates me and I never want to take that smile stolen from you. Continue to be a bright shine of light when you walk in any room. Continue to spread your love and be the young king you were born to be. Your 5th year awaits so much for you & I cannot wait to see how we both continue to grow over the next year. Remember that you are not defined by the color of your skin but by the content of your character. You are intelligent, handsome, empathetic, talented, kind, & a king is what you will forever be known as. You are my SUN and you will continue to spread your rays. Happy Birthday my Toogie Man. ❤️

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