Your vision is only as clear as the manifestation you speak into existence

Early on a Friday morning, I called one of my friends to get her advice on a business move I was looking to make in the year 2020. Before I could even finish my long drawn out speech of why I should not take this business risk, she had already cut me off. “This needs to be the year you tell yourself YES”, she said to me. I tried to offer a rebuttal but she wasn’t having it.

See for those who genuinely know me and have known me for quite some time, I tend to talk myself out of things that I know I am capable of doing but tend to just be too scared to act out. My anxiety and need to be perfect always gets in my way and I have never been able to tackle the fear of failure of rejection long enough to take what could be a beneficial risk. Now, here was my friend telling me that no longer would she allow me to keep being my biggest obstacle.

All too often we start to list out the reasons why something we want is impossible to achieve and we place this list of things into the obstacle category, but in reality the true obstacle is ourselves. As a mother, I always tell my son to stop telling me what he can’t do” and start putting effort in proving that he can do it. Like his mother, he takes on the trait of talking himself down to believe he can’t do something and he allows fear to overpower his confidence. How can I teach him the power of “knowing that he can” when his mother is still telling herself things that she “can’t”?.

We control our own destiny and a failure is only impactful if it’s not continuously followed by a try. Nothing good that comes to someone has come without risk or effort. As I almost approach 30, I look back on all the risks I talked myself out of in my 20’s and realize how much opportunity I left because I was afraid to open the door and explore the possibilities. No longer will I allow fear and anxiety to overrule my talents and capabilities. I am in control and I can do anything I have the confidence to speak into existence.

What risks are you planning on taking in 2020?

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