4 Ways Bonding Through Music Can Make Your Life Better.

A family that slays a song together stays together ❤️

Growing up I have always had a strong love for music. My father is a DJ and my mom loves to sing. From a small age, I fell in love with artist like Whitney Houston, Teena Marie, Xscape, Michael Jackson, and New Edition just to name a few. Whitney was my favorite though. I can remember holding a microphone and singing her songs on video (my own variation of the lyrics) and loving the applause I got at the end. My mom, her sisters, cousins, friends etc. would all get together and sing to different tunes, perform choreography, and just have fun. In this weeks post I am going to share some ways that music helps to build a bond with others that can bring positive energy into your life.

1. Music is therapeutic

One self-given form of therapy I use at home is music. If you think about the artist, their music is their stories of pain, passion, and revelation. Most artist who have gained success found a way to deliver their art in a way that people relate to. I have specific songs, depending on my emotions, I automatically gravitate to. They have a way of helping me get out of my own negative space and just refocusing my energy. I’ve found so much uplifting empowerment through music whether I was writing my own lyrics or singing someone else’s lyrics. In my own house we have used music as a form of communication when our feelings were too complex to get out. Afterward we are able to just leave it all on the paper.

2. You can build confidence learning to dance like no one is watching

You ever heard people talk about “throwing shade”? Try sitting in a room with my family. We are the kings and queens of throwing shade, especially when dancing is involved. it’s all love and fun though. The same energy we put into throwing shade at your lack of rhythm is the same energy we put into hyping up your lack of rhythm. Coming from a family where music is in our everyday lives, having that family member who can’t dance can become the family joke. I learned a long time ago that your family helps to prepare you for the many criticisms you will receive in the real world. I’ve built such a toughness with shade from my family, strangers don’t even phase me. You can’t tell me nothing on the dance floor and my confidence shows. I am quick to tell my five year old son that he has no rhythm and I notice when he gets embarrassed and shuts down. My response to him is always, “keep going baby you got it, do your dance” and I hype him up the whole way. My baby loves to dance and I refuse to take that love from him even if he is a little off the beat lol. I am teaching him not to care what others think and just do him the best way he knows how. One of my favorite memories is watching my younger cousin dance at her graduation party. For the first time, I saw her not care what everyone else thought about her and just have a good time. That’s what music does. It removes the bullshit.

Jayden (5)

3. Music is a game changer during sad times

This past November, we laid my granny to rest at 90 years old. As the matriarch of her family, my granny had the ability to bring people together in good times and bad. Earlier in the day our family went through an array of emotions from feeling proud that she made it to see 90 with Alzheimer’s to being hurt that she was no longer going to physically be with us. Tears were overflowing and sadness ran through the room from all ages. Later that evening, my family in true tradition, got together to put on a show like we always do, and before you know it everyone was laughing, smiling, and having fun. My sister, little cousin, and myself always perform the New Edition classic of “Can you stand the rain”. What made this time more special was that my five year old joined in the fun sing-along and it felt like I was passing a family tradition on to him in that moment.

Baby boy has joined the group
Granny’s kids ❤️

4. Singing becomes a form of quality bonding time

When I was pregnant with both of my kids, I would often sing them songs while rubbing my belly so they knew I was singing to them. I would often sing the same songs repeatedly, especially those with special messages regarding love and appreciation. It was of no surprise to me that both my children took a liking to artist that I love listening to, and began to pick up quickly on their melodies. As someone who loves to sing, I take every opportunity to sing to or sing with my kids. From the time they were born up until current day, I have had several nights where I just held them and sang to them or danced with them to a certain song. My son and I have even developed routines where he will sing a certain part and then I will sing a certain part and then we sing together. It has become “our thing” and our special way of bonding and spending time together or making the most of our time together whether in the house or in the car. Both my children love to sing songs and I know that is because of how often I sang to them as babies. It melts my heart and makes me smile every time I hear one of them singing or humming to a tune.

Mommy singing to Jurni

How has music been a positive influencer in your life with your family?

Does your family have any musical traditions?

I would love to hear from you

❤️Love and Positive Energy ❤️


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