A Short Letter To ALL the mothers that came before me ❤️

5 generations of women ❤️

Dear Mothers,

I hope you know that you are the foundation and the backbone of the family for most people in the world. Not to diminish the role of a father, but a true mothers love begins months before we even physically enter this world. Like many I know, I come from a long line of mothers, all of which shed some influence on the mother I am today. We have been blessed with the gift of carrying and bringing life into the world, our bodies transformed by the life of another. These small individuals provide us with a role that only requires the unwavering passion and love of a woman. So many women around the world get up everyday, get their kids ready for , prepare meals, maintain their households, maybe even go to work, all while trying to maintain a piece of personal identity outside of just being a mother. Your sleepless nights continue even into your child’s adulthood because protecting your kids from the world and knowing they are healthy and safe is a never-ending job. Never forget how important you are to the next set of mothers that you are setting the stage for. I am grateful to be able to say my long line of examples were nothing short of what mothers should be. It is because of them that I can confidently say my own daughter is blessed in the examples she will have when it is time for her to become a mother. It is my opinion that mothers do not always receive the recognition that they rightfully deserve because they are just expected to serve in a role. So many do not realize just how hard of a task being someone’s mother can be, on top of every other role we take on. Continue to live in your purpose and shine even when the world often shades on everything that we do. Continue to be the example that our future mothers need. Know that I appreciate each and every one of you and that you are loved.


7 thoughts on “A Short Letter To ALL the mothers that came before me ❤️

  1. Great sentiments. My mom and grandmothers have been instrumental in shaping the woman I am today. I’m also thankful for a mother-in-law who helped raise my husband to be a loving husband and father.

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