My favorite home DIY renovation therapy projects ❤️

Call me Miss DIY

Many of us moms have a method we use to detox ourselves of any stress or negativity we find ourselves plagued with throughout our day. For many, that could be journaling, except using, meditation, shopping, cleaning, or even cooking. Personally, when I am stressed, I like to find productive activities to keep my mind busy. The more I can focus on something else, the less I can focus on the things that are causing me stress or frustration. Since becoming a homeowner, I have found much joy and delight in learning how to do small projects on my own. I have become twice the YouTuber I previously was, while also increasing my HGTV time. When you are cheap like myself, learning how to DIY can be quite satisfying. Today I am going to share three of the DIY projects I have completed in our house. Not only did these give me something to do, but they made me feel good in the process.

1. Laundry Room Renovation


This project took about 4 hours, but the time was worth the amazing result. The space was less cluttered (clutter gives me anxiety) and I actually felt a motivation to do laundry I do not normally have. The project seems so minimal in nature, but many moms can relate to the grueling task of having to constantly do laundry, especially with kids. Not only, did my laundry room take a full transformation, but I learned how to install a wall cabinet and floating shelves in the process. I took my own measurements, found my screws, purchased my cabinet, got a drill, and got to work.

2. Kitchen Cabinet Staining Project

When we purchased this house, it had an outdated kitchen with ugly vinyl flooring, bright blue cabinets, and outdated appliances. While new cabinets would have been wonderful, completing a full kitchen renovation with brand new cabinets was not in the budget after just closing on a house. I created my own cabinet color at Home Depot and found a stain I liked. With help from my mother, we took down all the cabinet doors, removed all hardware, and began what would be a 5 day long process. We painted each cabinet with two coats of paint, then once dry proceeded to stain them one by one. Once we were satisfied with the level of stain, we applied the shiny top coat, grabbed the drill and an extra screwdriver and began to slowly put my kitchen back together. Although, tiring at times, this project allowed me to spend some quality bonding time with my mother, while also learning how to properly stain cabinets. While we may not have purchased brand new cabinets, the kitchen went from outdated to modern and new for a reasonable budget. The entire project from start to finish cost less than $500 to complete. I even purchased a separate cabinet from Home Depot, which I painted myself, to have put in place for our microwave install.


3. Bathroom Vanity Project

The final product

Having learned how to paint and stain cabinets, I took on the project of changing the vanity in both my and the kids bathroom. The above vanity was just a plain wood color. While the vanity itself was nice, the plain wood color did not do much for the bathroom decor and ultimately just seemed really plain. Over the course of two days, I applied to coats of eggshell paint on to the vanity and then topped it off with a top coat. The white looked so good with the flooring and countertop that I chose not to stain.

Now that I have started, I am only just beginning. What DIY renovation therapy have you done in your home?

14 thoughts on “My favorite home DIY renovation therapy projects ❤️

  1. Home renovations are definitely better if you can find them therapeutic. Good for you for being able to do that. Our home renovations were more stressful for me.

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    • I think that they can go both ways. My laundry room gave me an instant anxiety attack each time I walked in it. There was so much stuff in one tiny space. I needed to clear it. I would be lying if I said that doing my kitchen cabinets didn’t irritate me a tad, but that was more so because I struggle with patience lol


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