The power of Brunch and Sisterhood



This past Sunday, one of my closest friends hosted the first of what will become many 3rd Sunday Ladies Brunch’s. The idea came during one of our daily morning phone calls on my way to drop the kids off and work. We were discussing how there was a need for once a month to get out and just connect over good food and good drinks. Many of us are working professionals, parents, business owners, etc., and it can be difficult to get time for just ourselves outside of the daily hustles in life. What was unique about this particular brunch was that three of the ladies were meeting for the first time and two of them were completely new to the group. Here you had nine different women all with the same agenda, to come together and enjoy a good meal, meet someone new, and share mentally stimulating girl talk over drinks. By the end of the two and a half hours, everyone was asking, “so when is the next brunch?”. Social media handles and phone numbers were being exchanged and women who may have never ran across each other were creating new relationships. This brunch offered us a break from the stressors in our lives and a chance to just let our hair down over mimosas. For myself, this brunch was my first time in a while that I had gotten out the house with my girls. I am always so busy playing my many roles that when I do stop to take a break, I take it in my house laying in my bed. It is rare that I make a public appearance these days. One of the other ladies attending had a similar story to mine and was just looking for a reason to finally get out of her house. What started out as a simple idea over a phone call became the start of a routine that we hope to grow each month for ladies all over Hampton Roads to come together and laugh, cry, and let loose over good food and good drinks.

Looking for a great spot to brunch if you are ever in the Norfolk area of VA? You should try out Cork and Co. Wine and Martini Bar  in Norfolk off Granby St. My shrimp and grits were amazing and the salmon is definitely tasty. The prices weren’t too bad and the atmosphere was relaxing. My mimosa was also very delicious and the presentation for the grande mimosa is so adorable. Thank you for your great service and hospitality. My daughter loved the cheese croquets. ❤


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